Technical Impermeabilization

Technical Impermeabilization Rodríguez Ros

Rodriguez Ros is a Sika-approved applicator for its waterproofing systems including: Sikalastic MTC support-fastened liquid polyurethane membrane systems; thermos-welded and support-fastened polyvinylchloride (PVC) or polyolefin (POF) synthetic sheets.

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Waterproofing experts

Sikaplan PVC membranes: Suitable for any climatic zone, fire-resistant, water vapor permeable, flexible and adaptable to the support surface. Minimum 10-year warranty.

FPO Sarnafil membranes: Flexible polyofelin, highly stable, and resistant to chemical attack, lasting longer than PVC. Compatible when in contact with oils, polystyrenes and bituminous substances. Suitable for direct application on bituminous support surfaces. High fire resistance. Does not contain plastifying agents, and therefore migration, contamination or coloration are absent. Long service life and easily repairable. Installation of high reflectance membrane optional, which together with the thermal and acoustical insulator achieves high energy savings and comfort in buildings. Minimum 20-year warranty.

Continuous liquid polyurethane membrane systems with up to 25-year warranty. Sikalastic MTC systems. High fire resistance, self-extinguishable once cured; can be applied on different support surfaces. Continuous waterproofing without overlaps or water flow underneath the system, as it is a system that is fully adhered to the support surface.

 Car Park Deck System: Waterproof pavement for road traffic.

We apply several waterproofing systems on roof covers, green roofs, heavy roofs, floored terraces, vessels, water tanks and flower boxes.

We apply flexible systems from thermo-welded PVC and FPO synthetic sheets and fixed to the support surfaces that can be combined with a thermal and acoustical insulation system made of rockwool or polystyrene, with warranties of up to 20 years based on the type of sheeting. These membranes are resistant to very aggressive atmospheres, cracking, rotting and roots. The result is a fully watertight, resistant and long-lasting surface.

Waterproofing by means of flexible mortar systems that withstand both negative and positive pressure, etc…




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