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Rodríguez Ros has a team of highly trained applicators who are qualified and have broad experience in any type of carving work. The materials used to make this craft carvings belong to the SIKACRETE mortar range of products that is adapted for the decoration of facades, walls and skirting board and the creation of singular elements in shopping malls, hotels, private homes, city parks, gardens, fountains, etc., through the application of some of the above-mentioned techniques.

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 SIKACRETE mortars are formulated to obtain good mechanical strength, therefore lengthening the usage time and ensuring a good internal curing. They can be applied manually or mechanically with different thicknesses (5 mm – 50 mm) and are mouldable once in place.

Micro cement


Rodríguez Ros applies Sika micro cement. Micro cement is a type of high-quality cement-like coating made up of polymers, resins and aggregates. When pigmented with a broad range of dyes, it can be combined in turn with other materials to give it a special finish (smooth, textured, matte or glossy) for renovating floors, ceilings, ceramic, marble, tiles, plaster, concrete, etc. Micro cement is the material that is chosen the most by architects and decorators to decorate spaces, and is considered as the most widely used trend in the coming years. It is characterized by its high resistance, flexibility, impermeability and its capacity to adhere to any surface without the need to remove the existing material.

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Imprimación con SIKATOP 10 – 50: Aplicación sobre soporte de imprimación SIKATOP 10 si se trata de elementos cerámicos. O SIKATOP 50 si se trata de soportes de morteros, yeso, escayola, etc… Capa de regularización SIKADECOR 803: Aplicación sobre soporte de mortero polimérico de regularización SIKADECOR 803 embebida con malla de fibra de vidrio SIKA ARMATOP 100. En soportes de azulejos, previamente a esta capa de, se sellan todas las juntas entre azulejos con una primera capa de sellado. Capa de microcemento decorativo SIKADECOR 801: Aplicación sobre soporte regularizado con el SIKADECOR 803, de revestimiento de microcemento decorativo coloreado SIKADECOR 801. Características: SikaDecor-801 Nature es un revestimiento de dos componentes, formulado a base de aglomerados hidráulicos, resinas sintéticas, aditivos y colorante, para aplicaciones decorativas en interior. Capa de sellado mate sedoso bicomponente de poliuretano SIKAFLOOR 304 W: Aplicación de capa de sellado sobre microcemento SIKADECOR 801, de SIKAFLOOR 304 W, que es una capa de sellado mate sedoso de poliuretano bicomponente en base agua, con muy bajo contenido en VOC.



Theming is the art of decorating indoor and outdoor spaces with special mortar that imitates certain original elements such as the following:

  • Imitation of nature scenes: rocks, trees, mountains, cascades, etc.
  • Reproduction of structural elements: pillars, facades, walls, floors, etc.
  • Reproducton of historical and artistic elements: pyramids, temples, cathedrals, villages, ornamental figures, etc.



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