Building Paint Removal

Building Paint Removal Rodríguez Ros

At Rodriguez Ros, experts in facade restoration, we offer a pickling service using pickling techniques for all types of supports by spraying high pressure water with a three-phase hydrocleaner.

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Building Stripping Budget

The main objective in surface preparation is to obtain a surface that allows an ideal adhesion of the subsequent coatings.

Expert Paint Stripping Service for Buildings and Façades

Use of water for cleaning and pickling

Environmentally responsible

Elimination of Coating, mould…

Removal of paint, varnish… decontaminating the surface

Stripping Techniques for Buildings and Façades

Heat Projection Pickling

Rodriguez Ros uses this stripping technique in buildings with siliceous granule coatings and other types of coatings. It is a paint stripping option that allows the correct performance of vertical works of facade cladding and facade painting.

Sandblasting Decoating

Rodriguez Ros performs surface stripping to allow a satisfactory adhesion of the subsequent coatings. Jet pickling is a process of cleaning a surface by spraying different particles with a jet of air pressure depending on the material to be treated and the degree of preparation.

Sandblast Stripper Pressure

  • Pressures used in blasting systems are between 4 and 8 bar pressure.
  • Finishing grades from Sa 1 to Sa 3.
  • After the blasting process, the surface presents a surface roughness that varies between 1.5 and 3.5 thousandths of a uniform millimetre.

Main Building Rehabilitation Services

Building Stripping Tools

From Rodríguez Ros we are experts in works in heights such as vertical works in Malaga and Andalusia. The products that Rodriguez Ros uses as abrasives depend on the surface to be treated. The most commonly used are aluminium silicate, magnesium silicate, pumice stone, bicarbonate, vegetable granules, granulated sodium-calcium glass and glass microspheres. With the blasting system we can prepare weld seams, sharp edges or steel defects and remove calamine, rust and old paint in poor condition.

  • Internal and external shot blasting of pipes with epoxy anticorrosive process.
  • Recovery by blasting of mortar-paved walls in churches and walled walls.
  • Pickling of paint and mortars on facades for subsequent application of monolayers, mortars or coatings.
  • Blasting of metallic structures, beams, pillars, etc…
  • Treatment on exposed stone.
  • Concrete cleaning.
  • Precast Concrete Industry: Structural blasting.
  • Conservation of monuments.
  • Preparation of metallic surfaces for priming.
  • Preparation of stainless steel surfaces.
  • Cleaning of boilers in industries.

Building Stripping Service

We have services throughout the province of Malaga such as

  • Facade stripping in Málaga
  • Paint stripping in Fuengirola
  • Paint stripping in Marbella

And all the cities in the province of Málaga

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