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Perla Playa Building

Description of contracted works: Restoration of the building’s façade with Sika Systems. Waterproofing and flooring of corridors. Installation of stainless steel railings and access doors.

1- Installation of auxiliary means of access and positioning.

Assembly and dismantling of approved electric suspended scaffolding. Including assembly of collective and individual means of protection (pedestrian protection scaffolding, mosquito nets, life and fall arrest lines, etc…). Vertical works and installation of EN 795-approved provisional lifelines for the execution of the works by qualified personnel for work at heights and under the PRL regulations for work at heights.

2- High pressure washing.

Washing and general stripping of the walls of the work by means of water projection with a three-phase machine at 300 Bars of pressure on the walls (300 kilos per square centimetre).

3- Treatment of the concrete in slabs. The repair system will be based on cementitious mortars, composed of:

– Repair of detached areas: Restoration of detached slab supports by mechanical action.

– High-pressure water spraying: High-pressure water spraying on the walls to be restored, using a three-phase machine at 300 Bars of pressure on the walls (300 kilos per square centimetre). Elimination of the rust on the exterior reinforcements by mechanical brushing with a steel pin grinder.

– Passivation of the reinforcement and bonding bridge: Application of SIKA MONOTOP 910 to protect the concrete reinforcement against corrosion. Subsequent application of a new layer of SIKA MONOTOP 910 over the entire surface to be treated with R4 structural mortar, as a bonding bridge or adhesion layer between the surface and the R4 mortar. Applied in 2 coats of 1 mm thickness each. Sika MonoTop-910 S is a one-component, cement-based product, enhanced with synthetic resin and silica fume, used as a bonding coat and as corrosion protection for reinforcement. Sika MonoTop-910 S complies with the requirements of UNE-EN 1504-7.

– Structural mortar application: Repointing with R4 SIKA MONOTOP 412 S or 3130 structural mortar of concrete portions detached from cornices. SIKA MONOTOP 412 S or 3130 is a one-component, cementitious, high build, low shrinkage, fibre-reinforced, ready-to-use structural repair mortar that meets the requirements of Class R4 of UNE-EN 1504-3.  Suitable for concrete repair work (Principle 3, method 3.1 and 3.3 of UNE-EN 1504-9). Repair of spalling and deterioration of concrete in buildings, bridges, infrastructures and superstructures. Suitable for structural reinforcement of concrete (Principle 4, method 4.4 of UNE-EN 1504-9). Increasing the bearing capacity of concrete structures by adding mortar.

3- Tratamiento del hormigón en losas. El sistema de reparación será a base de morteros cementicios, compuestos por:

Repair and opening of cracks by scraping. Subsequent application of SIKAWALL 303 fibreglass filler, which is of high quality and resistant to high temperatures and other atmospheric agents.

This product has a magnificent elasticity and tensile strength, and therefore has the capacity to deform following the expansion-contraction movements of the walls and cracks without breaking or cracking.

5- Sealing of joints between walls and exterior aluminum enclosures.

Sealing of joints between walls and aluminium frames of glazed terraces that are not properly sealed, using SIKAFLEX 11 FC single-component PU adhesive putty with excellent adhesion to porous materials and an elongation at break of 400 %. This prevents water ingress into the interior of the flats and into the interior of the vertical and horizontal walls with the consequent detachment of the cladding. Also air-wind ingress into the interior of the flats is prevented.

6- Treatment of vertical expansion joints in poor condition

– Renovation of existing joints and repointing of joint lips: Prior to renovation of joints, removal of old filler material and existing joint bottoms. Replace joint lips with SIKA MONOTOP 412 S only where necessary.

– Joint bottom sealing: Bottom filling with a 40 mm calibrated closed-cell PE profile. Non-adherent to the sealant.

– Sealing: Based on SIKAPRIMER 3N primer + SIKA HYFLEX 250 FACADE one-component PU adhesive putty with excellent adhesion to porous materials and an elongation at break of 400 %. Approx. 2:1 width to depth ratio with scantling.

This system accompanies the movement of expansion and contraction of the facing without breaking, thus ensuring that the waterproofing system is 100% watertight, preventing water from entering the interior of the expansion joint. NOTE: see technical data sheets attached to the quotation.

7- Application of special sealing primer on walls.

Application of a consolidating primer, SIKAWALL 08 W Fixer or similar, prior to the application of the coating on vertical and horizontal surfaces. This substance solidifies all loose particles that have not been removed from the surfaces by washing with pressurised water (lime, saltpetre, etc.), consolidating them and thus allowing greater adhesion of the coating to be applied.

8- Smooth coating application

Application of smooth facade coating SIKACOLOR 671 W or similar. Two coats: 1st coat diluted with 10%-15% water. Application of second coat diluted with 10% water. Colour similar to the current colour.

The coating to be applied is a smooth paint made from special high-tech dispersions. It is waterproof, water-repellent and breathable (permeable to water vapour). Excellent hardness, adhesion and resistance to extreme atmospheric agents. Resistant to U.V. rays and ozone. Resistant to cement alkalis (unsaponifiable). High resistance to alkalinity, etc.

9- Application of SIKALASTIC liquid polyurethane membrane for the waterproofing of the access corridors and subsequent flooring.

10- Installation and supply of stainless steel handrails and entrances.